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2010-06-24 15:08:50 by rascal02

Filming of Plague is underway... started out feeling great, but now I can't wait for it to end... guess that's how it works. We keep forgetting supplies and we run outta extras way too much.


2010-05-23 16:39:56 by rascal02

Yesterday, i made a group for the Ethical Treatment of Jawas. If you have a facebook, search P.E.T.J... i also attempted to make another dubstep, but lost my inspiration partway through... really wish the speech synth on FL Studio 9 was easier to use... it was going to include sound clips from various alien movies and 2 things from speech synth. However, couldnt find what i wanted, so that failed. Then i attempted to work on the script for Plague. There is now a teaser trailer up on youtube, made by the two directors of the film. Check it out on youtube, keyword Plague. Thats about all...

News post 2

2010-05-16 19:49:28 by rascal02

Found out how to use FL Studio 9... i have no musical talent with real instruments, but maybe i will have some luck with the Synths...


2010-04-01 12:42:40 by rascal02

i have been working on the script... and vids.. and i've been working on intro to vids...